How do you perceive something as ‘alive’?

Their movements?
Voices? Responses? Growth?
The ability to understand? to react?

They said that to live is to survive.

Is it to keep moving? to constantly making sounds?
To keep learning, growing,
to produce?

Will the absence of them all be determined as not alive?

What if,

You make sound, you move around,
you seem to grow, though it merely shows.
You make sure that you keep learning, strive to bring forward.
Something. Anything. Even if it’s not enough at times.

Not enough. Not alive enough, you may say?

You’d try again and again, to feel alive again.
To come back to that moment when,
life is worth walking through.
When it’s worth waking up to.

Sometimes you think,
‘Should I stop, for a moment? And rethink?’
When in reality,
can you? When the world swirls around you in full speed?

You try again and again,
and it is the ol’ block of wall you bump into again.
And how it turns you bitter and battered.

Would it be too much to say that life sucks life out of you?

There is One who gives you hope. Always.
You might remember this only on your better days. Or on your worse ones.
Or maybe it’s been there in your heart but you only allow it to speak faintly to you.
But it’s always there.

Life might not be easy.
Being alive might be a day-to-day struggle.
There are times when you wish you were someone else, or somewhere else.
But life has been given to you for a reason.

In the harshness of life,
His grace is sufficient.
However hard life tries to bring you down, you have to get back up again.

And again. And again.

His grace is sufficient. It’s available, always.
It has no end,
and it’s yours.

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