I’m safe..

Sometimes God allows things to be torn down in your life so that they can be built the right way.

~ Shei Atkins

I’ve been focusing on myself for the past month, and The Holy Spirit has been knocking on my heart to give time, give room for Him to move and restore me. But I just can’t keep my mind shut from all these things I need to prepare, and all these chaos that decide to appear now. I am so pumped up to make sure everything runs perfectly, make sure I’m not missing any loopholes and anticipating any mistakes, and being a total perfectionist. I have trouble sleeping at night, my mood is a wreck (poor my Andrew), and my heart is pumping during the day I think I’m going to get a heart attack anytime now.

I think I believe in myself way too much and run in full speed without asking Him. And that’s why God had no choice but to tackle me on the knee so that I’ll stop and listen to Him, before it’s too late. Having been in the same situation last year, I should’ve known better that I don’t have to wait till I’m stuck or failing THEN asking for His help. With all these crucial stuff needed to be done quickly I can’t help but being paranoid, but I need to remember that if He opens the way then nothing can stop Him (Romans 8:31). I am fully aware that I need to do my part, the best I can do, but I also need to realize that it is right to also give not the rest, but THE BEST to Him, which is that special space in my heart, and above all, my TRUST. To always come back to Him, regardless of my situations, so that all the things that come out of this will bring delight to Him, His works, and thus, to me as well. 

He tackled me, He said, “It’s enough for now!”, and I have no other choice now but to slow down. I know He did that because He wants to keep me safe, because He loves me so much He refuses to let me fall deeper. And He knows what’s in my heart, my wishes and my doubts. I was a bit worried about how things were seemed overlapping and so rushed lately, I didn’t even have time to think twice, so to speak. He answered my unsaid prayers, He knows me so well He gave the solutions even before I shared my concerns to Him (Romans 8:26). And I praise Him for that, I praise Him for His overwhelming love. He slows things down because He is guarding my steps so I may not stumble, so I may go through everything the right way.

Because of Him, I’m safe. And I can’t even describe how grateful I am ^-^
coming back to Ecclesiastes 3:11.