Fitting Day!

For Sisca`s wedding 😀

Me and Etha are going to be Sisca`s bridesmaids. The big day will be March 5, next month. We three have been together for almost 20 years. I knew Etha when I was in kindergarden, she was my sidekick when we took ballet lesson when we were 5. There were lots of happy and fall-out moments and drama between us throughout the years; fights and jealousy and competition over boys (ah, we all went through teens and the drama, weren’t we?), but I just knew that she`s going to be my best friend no matter what we`ve been through, and I was right 🙂 Sisca was in my class in 1st grade. She`s got a bright voice, and I admired her for that. But we started to hang out together as a trio when we were 10 or 11, after we joined the kids` choir at church. We were pretty good at singing. We used to sing a cappella with harmony, and people would cheer us. Good old times 🙂 Ah, I need to find those culun photos of us when we sang together at the elder`s home near church.

Now that Sisca`s getting married soon, me and Etha are honoured to be along her side on her special day. Thus, the fitting today. Sisca has tried some dresses before our session today, so she’s got some preferences for us to comment on. We went through a total of 5 wedding dresses, dived into a bargaining war with Sisca’s mum as the Captain, went through 5 to 6 bridesmaid dresses (which strongly, shamelessly indicated that me and Etha both need urgent dieting *sigh*), and another price war before we could go with photos of dresses to compare to and think about. And we just realized that we were there for more than 3 hours!! No wonder I was sooo hungry!

Scurrying ourselves to Tunjungan Plaza, our first stop was Fish & Co. because Etha hasn’t tried it. She seemed to like it at first, but when oil and cheese come together usually it won’t take too long before you feel ‘eneg’. I tried to finish mine, Etha wiped everything out, but Sisca didn’t feel to eat that much. She stopped after eating half of the fish, blaming the stress of the upcoming wedding for her losing appetite. Completely understandable. So we continued the night with hunting for shoes. I need pretty shoes, too. Those dresses were merciless, I need at least a pair of 10cm heels. I’ve got one that I really liked from Nine West, and they got my size, but the color was between blue and grey. Not a typical wedding color, so we decided to wait. After strutting from one pair of Swarovski-studded shoes (typical of Surabaya, the more bling the merrier) to the other, I found not a single shoe that was comfortable enough. All were born foot-killers. So we decided to stop for a while, and did a real therapeutic shopping. Following Sisca’s trail, I ended up buying a light and super cute pair of wedges, with red strawberries on a white background. And it was cheap! Only Rp 120,000 (shopping in Indo IS heaven), and it was at least 7cm Mum would be proud of me if she knew. Etha bought a floral halter top from Zara, and we concluded the night with some talks on the way home about life after marriage, especially Sisca’s; what she wanted, what she’s committed to do, her plans and all that.

Still can’t believe that we are actually talking about wedding and marriages and all sorts. I guess we’re all grown-up now 🙂 And I thank God I have them, because having best friends around make everything a little bit better 🙂

Love you to death, girls *smooch*

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