I learned a lesson today,
that no matter how strong one appears to be, deep down inside
there’s only one need that one desperately craves,

to be loved.

Love gives you hope, it gives you joy.
When you’re in love everything seems right and bright, you feel strong.
You feel belong.

But things go wrong, stories go awry,
because love can be evil when you don’t apply it properly.

I ask for you to never lose hope,
to trust life for a bit more.
It can only get better after this.

Think about those who love you anyway, both for your highs and lows.
Think about the Father, your Creator who mould you with His loving hands,
you are just what He wanted to make.

Believe, that every single molecule of your being is worth loving,
despite your pasts, your scars, and your wrongdoings.

Believe, that life is worth it. And you are worth it.
I love you, and I believe in you.
Please, believe in yourself.

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