To whom..

To whom I used to belong,

I know that these words won’t do anything to us,
they won’t heal our wounds, they won’t wipe our tears away
and they won’t give back all that had been missing between us,
that had been taken away from us.

But if only they could, they would speak to you,
that I am so sorry.

I’m sorry for all the things that I’ve put you through,
I’m sorry for the hardship and the inability to overcome them.

I loved you,
I did. Please don’t question me about that.

If you asked me did I want to make things work, I’d say yes.
If you asked me did I dream about us, together, I’d say yes.
If anyone asked whether I did everything to save us, I’d say yes. And you knew it.

Sometimes no matter how desperate we want someone to be in our lives,
it’s just not meant to be. ?
No matter how hard we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for things that we think are good for us,
it’s not just meant to be.?
Because good is not always right. And you know it.

I don’t have the right to say, “let’s just be friends”?
because I know how impossible that is for us. ?
We can’t go back to 8 years ago, when we were so innocent,?
so full of hope that things would come out alright.

So, if I may, I’d say,?
Let’s just be thankful, and not regretful.
For what we’ve had, for what we’ve been through?
For I am not who I am today without you, and so are you.

And when the time has come,
let’s not be afraid.
Let’s just open our hearts, and let in someone new.
Someone who can complete us,
who deserves our trust and love.
Let us not repeat our mistakes,
because we deserve a second chance,
the chance to make us a better creation in Christ.

The journey doesn’t stop here, my dear.
The road is still long and wide, for you and me.
I wish you well, and I know you will do the same for me.
Thank you, for everything.
For having me, for being you.

Thank you.

“Think of all the things we’ve shared and seen,
don’t think about the way things might have been..”
~Christine, of Phantom of the Opera~ 

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