60 days ..

.. and still counting. 

To mark my second month since my homecoming from the city with temperamental weather conditions, Melbourne, I’d love to share some thoughts I’ve accumulated from my last Promasa. Denny spilled some interesting points about professionalism. We often link the term ‘professional’ only around work environment, or anything that involves money in the activity. When we were asked on what makes up ‘professionalism’, we mentioned, “excellence”, “giving the best”, “clear lines between private and business” which refers to clarity, I think, and “responsibility”. Denny took a parable of talents from Matthew 25 as a starting point, where Jesus teaches us to be serious in whatever that’s entrusted in our hands. And when we give it all out at what we’re doing, He will bless us and double the talents/portion.

The question would be, how professional are we toward our lives? Not only when it comes to our career lives, but our lives as a whole as well as in parts. How professional are we as a child towards our parents? How professional are we when it comes to friendship? How professional are we in our relationships? How responsible are we in the roles we are entitled to, both naturally or corporately? And most importantly, how responsible are we towards God?

The sharing session was then concluded with a video about an African-American boy, a Ben Underwood whose blindness didn’t stop him from living like a normal kid. Here’s the 60-min documentary about him, the first clip is 10 mins long. As much as I admired Ben for his spirit and his attitude towards his condition, I pay homage to his mother who had never let her son believe that he was limited. From a ‘professional’ mother, Ben was encouraged and shaped into a ‘professional’ human being, who knew that nothing is impossible for him and let nothing stopped him. One thing that broke my heart is that Ben passed away earlier this year from the cancer that also took his sight when he was two. A sad ending, indeed, but I’m sure his life story has touched millions of other lives and has rebutted the so-called limitations we normally believes on. A bit off-topic, but this reminds me of a conversation between Algren (Tom Cruise) and Emperor Meiji at the end of Last Samurai.

scene: Algren offered Katsumoto’s sword to the Emperor after the battle between the modern Japanese army and the Samurais. Seeing the sword, the young Emperor realized his fatal mistake and slumped to the floor, looking at Algren. 

Emperor Meiji
Tell me how he died..

(smiling) I’ll tell you how he lived..


After sharing session, we continued the night by munching martabak manis coklat keju and fruit salad with mayo, with chocolate-coated preserved kiwis oleh2 from New Zealand by one of the members; yum, my favourites. It was 10.30pm when my mobile phone rang; my mom. She scolded me why on earth I wasn’t home at that hour. She called me irresponsible and thoughtless, causing her worrying like that. When I reached home, she refused to talk to me which I didn’t blame her at all. I was wrong.

That had me thinking. That was one example of how unprofessional I was as a child. I had excuses in my head, most of them just to cover my mistake. I chose not to listen to those thoughts. I admitted I was wrong, and I want to be changed. I think to be professional is also about to be able to admit your mistakes and learn to be better. These kinds of professionalism do not involve money, of course. But on the other hand, these things are priceless because you just can’t buy attitude. It has to come from your heart, and that makes it last longer if not forever. 

Alright, lessons learned. Jesus remains the same; He was, He is and will be the same. We do take Him as our example, but surely not in that context. Be changed, and be changed to the better. All starts from ourselves. Don’t wait for the changes from the other party, then you’ll change. As I have experienced it myself for so many times, I believe that when you give yourself to be changed into a ‘professional’ child of God, the real follower of Jesus, it’s either you will see the change that you’ve been praying for or your ways of seeing things will be improved. By His grace. All by His grace. 

Enough for today. Better go home soon. Pasti macet ga karuan. I’ve learned to listen to His soothing voice whenever I get frustrated by the jam-packed roads, as He said to me once “bless others when you’re driving”. How? by giving ways to those people who can’t even make up their minds which lane to drive on. =p 

Have a blessed week, my dearests 🙂 



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