whatever ministry you are in,..

remember that, 

the foundation of ministry is character; 
the nature of ministry is service;
the motive of ministry is LOVE;
the measure of ministry is sacrifice;
the authority for ministry is through submission;
the purpose of ministry is for the glory of God,
the tools of ministry are the word of God & prayer;
the privilege of ministry is your personal growth;
the power of ministry is Holy Spirit;

the model of ministry is Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “whatever ministry you are in,..

  1. You are so right. If all of us in ministry could just get a grasp on the last line of this,just the last line, the Church would be much closer to fulfilling its’ “great commission”. Many ministers and, as a result, many ministries, have lost their focus on their objective because many of us follow our own objectives instead of God’s objectives. This is a time for taking ownership of the Lord’s vision for us and for our ministries. Keep spreading the pure love of Christ, and He will handle the details!!!

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