’cause you’re my energy..

Bread and Water   –   Lucy Durack  
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Take time
I suppose that’s what I have realized
We keep pushing and why
More space, more money, more life
Just in case it runs dry
and there’s so much to believe
So many offers to help find release
and what I feel is,

You can be my bread and water 
There is nothing else I need 
Look at all you’ve said and bought
And all that you have helped me to be 
There was a time I thought that some things were not meant for me 
But now I fly and you’re my energy 

Survive that’s what it comes down to 
I arrive and proceed to the fight 
But in this place where we turn out the lights 
It’s no waste, just simple goodnights 
Now we can walk alone
Or turn around and make ourselves a home 
And what I know is 

I’m tired of making concessions
And taking impressions of my life and time 
We both know there’s something much better 
It’s there if you let it 
I want it to arrive 

Just look at what you’ve helped me to be 
There was a time I thought that some things were not meant for me 
But now I fly 
Yes now I fly 
And you’re my energy. 


Seven hearts .. 
for the seven years we’ve been sailing through together.

Seven hearts ..
for the seven years of love and hate, good laughs and good tears.

Seven hearts ..
for the seven years of falling and stumbling and rising back up, of learning. 
for anger and forgiveness, for mistakes and good deeds, the misunderstanding and making up. 

Seven hearts .. 
for the ways you have let me to see the world
for the ways you have taught me to learn my ways
to be mature, to be myself.  

Seven hearts .. 
for letting me to know you,
and for fulfilling my promise that I will not stop learning about you.  

Seven hearts .. 
for the millions of encouraging and loving words you’ve dedicated for me
for the thousand minutes and hours of phone calls,
of keeping in touch and me hearing your soothing voice
for the hundreds of “I love you”s, and however often I complain that saying it too much would degrade the value, I still feel the shrill of happiness when you say it. 
for the tens of months of us being apart, and knowing that one day we will be together.

Seven hearts,
that cannot describe how grateful I am to have found you.

It’s been seven years, and it’s far from perfect. 
But who wants to be perfect, when from the imperfections will I fill my memories 
of what we’ve been through. 


Happy seventh anniversary, Tir! 
wishing to celebrate many many more anniversaries with you =)