The second earthquake within 11 days. I was working on Pop Music weekly task when I felt dizzy but not quite. Then I realized that my table was shaking, and the ceiling made a cracking sound. Alarmed, but I couldn’t move my legs to see what’s going on as I was very tense, waiting for what might happen next. The shaking lasted about 5-6 seconds, and it was stronger than the first one we had on the evening of March 6 when me and my FA buddies were sitting in my living room. 


Only two days ago I learned that I could be happier if I could give thanks and give praise to God over trivial things. For example, I was wasted on Monday because I didn’t get enough sleep. I don’t feel I’ve ever got enough hour. Bad time management. Kicking up my heels, I prepared myself for a half-running walk along La Trobe. But then the City Circle tram was approaching its stop on Queen st, and I thanked God for that. After 2 consecutive hours of lectures, I had to go to ATO office on Spring st, and I didn’t want to walk. And there it was, a shiningly green City Circle stopping right in front of me as if it intentionally came just to take me down to the corner of La Trobe and Spring. Tuhan baik ! 

I almost missed the City Circle tram on the way back from ATO office, but the tram driver saw us (there was another girl running for the tram, as well), and he WAITED! What a lovely man, and what a lovely God. These simple things reminded me about what KD taught us last Sunday. God takes care of our needs, no matter how trivial or stupid they are. So there’s no reason to worry, because being worried will only quench your happiness and distract your focus towards life. 

But I am extremely worried now. Seriously. 

I was just reminded of one particular song, that the last verse stated, 

Father, You are King over the flood
I will be still, and know You are GOD.  

“Be still”, He said. When our mind is filled with “what’s happening? are we going to be okay? what should we do now?”, I can bet my whole collection of bags and purses that there’s no space in our brain for God and His goodness. But when we are still, stop thinking frantically about our next steps and our ambitions for just a moment, then He can help us, guide us, tell us what to do. After all, we are able to hear His voice when we are turning down the volume of our surroundings, including our minds. And don’t we depend on His voice and guidance to go through this life ?

Lord, I’m still worried, but I know You are my Prince of Peace. And Your strong arms is holding me. I will not be scared, You have everything under control. Amen.  

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