thank You.

Life is, as people may say, complicated.

It is sweet, as it is bitter.
It is joy, as it is pain.
It is laughter, as it is tears.
It is blessings, as it is curse.

It is hope, as it is desperation. 
It is love, as it is hatred.
It is smooth sailing, as it is rocky road.
It is whole, as it is broken.

Life is, as we all know, complicated. 
Thank God mine’s Yours. 

I could say that I don’t care, but I don’t. 
I could chuck everything away and say “the hell with everything”, but I don’t.
I could snap back and hurt those I love the most, but I don’t.  
I could wish I was not living this life, but I don’t.

For everything under the heaven has its own consequence.
As they say, no good deed goes unpunished,
no act of charity goes unresented. 
Can one claim his action as a good deed, when it hurts people?  

Lord, You slapped me in the face, and I thank You. 
There’s still long and laborious road laid ahead of me, as it has been. 
As I chose it to be.
I thank You, because I know You are always there,
as my life is Yours.

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