I don’t know how many times I have refreshed the page. I’ve grunted in disbelief for the unchanging layout after 45 minutes. Would you start already ?! I can’t even stare at the shining red typo ‘not avalilable’ anymore. Just get me in. NOW!

It’s 1.59am, and I realize the uploading is getting a bit slower. Okay this is it. THIS is IT.

not.  >=(

I jump from the robotic voice “It’s two o’clock” from the laptop. Thanks, I know that. Isn’t that inhuman. 

It’s 2.04am. And I’ve lost the battle on one subject. Gah. Way shorter Monday, and as a compensation, a way longer Tuesday. Six hours at school without a break. Hmm, why not.

As it has happened before (this is my third time ‘fighting’ the lot to ‘reap’ the best timetable, none of them went perfectly as I planned them. Of course.), the RMIT Student Timetabling System and the infamously dodgy server once again successfully sent me to the sensation of stomach-churning and heart-throbbing event. As always, I grumbled and wished that I got everything as I planned them, cos that would be sooo nicee. But after all the excitements and worry have dispersed, I started to see that the timetable is not too bad at all. It looks even; a short day to start the week, one long day, followed by a day-off, another short one, and finished off by a rather short day with two-hour break before heading to glorious weekend. 

Quite happy =) 

Father, thank You for giving me the best. I know You always do. Thank You for Your kindness and faithfullness. 

And thanks to Papa and Kentir who stayed late to wake me up =D Thank you, everything went quite well. 

Arggh I can’t believe I only have 4 days left before flying back to Melbourne. Lovely city, I miss her. This torn feeling every time I’m about to head home to Surabaya or the other way around, it’s so complicated yet very nostalgic. That’s why I am always super nervous whenever I’m about to travel far, especially when I love the places both.

Five more months before I’m going back to Indonesia for good. And I can’t imagine how I will react to that. HALAH, let’s just focus on the new semester, shall we. Have to shop for food and notebooks (to write, that is, not the laptops) once I arrive, because this time I am a bit bonek to actually fly back only a day before the school starts. 

But all in all, can’t wait! >D

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