Just got a haircut yesterday at Sense on Russel st. And I don’t quite like the result ='( I can’t remember why I didn’t give any suggestions or told the hairdresser to stop cutting my fringe, or it wouldn’t be so short and serrated right now. Gosh.

I look like a 15-year-old! boohoo.. or simply like someone who’s got a bad hair day for as long as 2 months, at least. I desperately hope that when it grows it’ll look better.

well, IT BETTER BE! 0_0′

2 thoughts on “hix.

  1. aih jadi malu .. *blushing.
    sempet stress sih Dew,tiap bangun tidur poninya ngejebrak gitu huahaha..but I’ll get used to it. and before I realize it it’ll grow and (i hope) look better =D

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