the first spill

alright ..

there are times when people have to stop whatever they’ve been doing for all these times, and evaluate themselves. Those times could be the chance for one to learn from mistakes, to be better or to start anew. While these ‘self-evaluation’ talks are commonly associated with end of semester and end of year discourses, I’d use the analogy to actually start a new blog site, this blog site, for me to be able to express myself better.

not that my old blogsite doesn’t serve the purpose well enough. It’s been excellent, actually, in accommodating my midnight rantings and reflections. It’s just that I’d like to try some new stuff before end of this year, and let this new blogging site be one of them =)

Now.. what I’m going to, or I should say, what I’m committed to do with this new site is to use every single buttons provided, including tags and insert buttons which I haven’t been using often enough throughout my three blogging years. Explorations!! The next thing is to customize the page, which I have little idea on how to achieve that, to represent my personal traits. The last, but certainly not the least, ‘promise’ I pledge upon setting up a new blog account is to be CONSISTENT. If I’m succeeded in keeping this particular promise, you will see at least one entry per week =) *fingers crossed*

It is time for the name of the blog. *drum rolls*

Why ‘red bowl’ ?

red, because I ? red =D my little eyes are always voluntarily drawn into any red object. One little thing to represent myself *grin*

BOWL, because I have more bowls than any household with 2 persons only would need. *trus kenapah*. Nah, that’s not my real reason. I use ‘bowl’ as it represents a medium, a place, a space for ANY KIND OF objects to be freely scattered around and safely sit in.
This blog is my medium, my place, my space, my very own bowl. I can and will talk about things that concerns me or don’t, as well as those little (and not-so-little) scribbles just to prove that I exist and alive hehe ..

And about the silver spoons,
hmm .. let’s just say I was being a bit philosophical when I came up with that. People perceive the world according to what they believe and what they know. Silver spoons talk about every little things that sum up life (the bowl), one spoon for one moment of life. My entries are my silver spoons, and you can slide your silver spoons into my bowl and contribute your thoughts. At the end we are filling the red bowl with things according to our attitudes, our believes and our reflections to create our own ‘bowls’.

Okay, enuf for the first spill. Time to go to bed!

3 thoughts on “the first spill

  1. hush jangan gitu dong kur. kan saya jadi tersapu2 malu.

    blogspot jg bagus kok dee ..=) kan sayang juga di blogspot kamu uda banyak entries gitu..aku link blog kamu di blogroll ku yah =)

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